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Amy Rigby - Dancing with Joey Ramone

As has been pointed out several times on BBC 6Music, today marks the 11th anniversary of the untimely passing of Joey Ramone. This song by the current Mrs Wreckless Eric is a fitting tribute to the great man and you may find yourself suppressing a little sniffle as you listen to it.

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The Ramones - Bonzo Goes to Bitburg

Apart from Bitburger Pils, the town of Bitburg in Germany is best known for this Ramones ditty. It’s a protest by the band’s Jewish liberal singer Joey against the then-President Reagan’s visit to the Bitburg cemetary, which happened to contain the graves of many SS officers. For me, it’s particularly effective because Joey was usually the most unemotional of vocalists, yet this time he seems truly angry. Truth be told, he was right to be furious. 

I’ve read more than once that this song was never performed live by the band because arch-Reaganite Johnny Ramone didn’t like it, but a quick search of YouTube shows this story to be false. Anyway, it’s a truly magnificent record. It’s surely the best track they ever did.