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The Stiff Naked Fools - Rocket Man

Today’s Leicester-themed Saturday Morning Skank Spot has nothing to do with the Elton John track of the same name. It sounds like it was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica circa 1973 but it was actually recorded a couple of years ago in Leicester by a bunch of local lads. The band has since split up but some of them are now in The Paradimes.

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Laurel Aitken - Baba Kill Me Goat

The Leicester-themed run of the Saturday Morning Skank Spot continues with this catchy mento classic from 1957. Laurel Aitken, the “Godfather of Ska”, settled in Leicester with his wife in 1970 and remained there until he passed away in 2005. He lived in a modest residence in the St Marks council estate, which is now marked with a blue plaque.

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Vibronics meets the Dub Factory - It’s a Crime

Leicester reggae collective Vibronics bring some digital dub to the Saturday Morning Skank Spot. This may be the start of a run of Leicester-based acts on this popular feature.

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Early B - Sunday Dish

The Saturday Morning Skank Spot today features Early B, who earned his nickname (an abbreviation of Early Bird) because of his habit of turning up early for gigs. You might assume that a track called Sunday Dish is about having sex with an attractive woman on the Sabbath, but you’d be wrong. Although culinary references in popular music are usually a euphemism for sexual activity, this seems to be a genuine and heartfelt tribute to Jamaican cuisine.

Sadly, Early B was one of far too many reggae artists who came to a violently premature end. In 1994 he was shot dead in the deceptively posh-sounding Windsor Cricket Club in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

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Jstar - Unbreak My Dub

This track mixes Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart with a bunch of reggae ‘riddims’ (as we call them in Clarendon Park). It’s one of those rare things, a mash-up that works brilliantly. I think it’s a great way to kick off a new run of the Saturday Morning Skank Spot.

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The Skatalites - Fugitive Dub

Today’s Saturday Morning Skank Spot features a track from what is believed to be the only dub album to have that genre’s characteristic deep bass notes provided by an acoustic double bass. The Skatalites are best known as a 1960s ska band but when they re-formed in 1975 they took their sound in a very different direction. You can find out more about these recording sessions on the excellent Legendary Skatalites in Dub blog.

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The Upsetters - V/S Panta Rock

A bit of heavy Lee Perry dub on the Saturday Morning Skank Spot.

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Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Soom T - Bong Bong

Last year, Sister Nancy’s Bam Bam found itself featured on the Saturday Morning Skank Spot. That track has here been re-worked into a tribute to a popular type of water pipe and features vocals by the Glaswegian MC Soom T, who is possibly the first female Scottish/Punjabi artist to appear on the Skank Spot.

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Gregory Isaacs - Mr Know It All

There are two records for the price of one on today’s Saturday Morning Skank Spot. The first part of this track features Gregory mocking ‘Mr Know It All’ who, despite his name, doesn’t know that his girlfriend is about to run off, most likely into the clutches of Gregory himself. It then eases into a cracking dub version of the song. What a bargain!

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Toots & the Maytals - Broadway Jungle

Today’s Saturday Morning Skank Spot features a track that is possibly the ultimate party record. As someone has put in a comment under this article'Some soothing jazz is lovely for babies, but I can tell you what toddlers like: ska. No 'grown-up' DJ will ever get the audience response that you get from a room full of four year-olds, high as kites on jelly and birthday cake, when you drop the needle on 'Broadway Jungle' by Toots and the Maytals'